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For the last seven years, Bull Shirts has partnered with Rod Ryan of 94.5 The Buzz to raise proceeds for breast cancer and prostate cancer research. We are proud to support this cause and we sincerely appreciate all of those involved and who have donated to this fundraising campaign.



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All donations benefit BREAST CANCER & PROSTATE CANCER RESEARCH. Your help and generosity is extremely appreciated and we could not have raised the money we do each year for this great cause without the growing support of our listeners, donations and sponsors. THANK YOU!
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Hi Rod / Rachel,
Thanks again for making an exception & letting us get our Boobs Rock T-shirts early!  They were a big hit in our office!  We celebrated our secretary Tyba Watkins for her last day of chemo!  She walked into the office this morning and saw all of us rocking our shirts!  We also gave her beautiful flowers and had lunch catered.  Although her road to recovery is still ongoing with surgery & radiation in the near future, we have much to celebrate with this first milestone in her journey.    
Thank you again for your help in making this happen!  And oh by the way, we joined the Boobs Rock Golf Tournament!  So we will be playing in your tournament in honor of Tyba!  See you guys out there!

Thanks, Paul


[L to R: Josh Upshaw, Joe, Dr. Lucci, Amber Anderson, Rod, Dr. Hall, Barbara Laubacher]

Proceeds benefit breast cancer & prostate cancer research. Together we have raised over $250,000 for charity!

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