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Your Purchases Support Cancer Research:

For the last six years, Bull Shirts has partnered with Rod Ryan of 94.5 The Buzz to raise proceeds for breast and prostate cancer research. We are proud to support this cause and we sincerely appreciate all of those involved and who have donated to this fundraising campaign.

Together we have raised over $250,000 for charity.

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"Unconventional Fundraising Idea Rocks"


Hey Rod, I wanted to inform you more about my wife's cancer. Last year you had a "Boob's Rock" benefit at Big Bens Pub in Clear Lake area. We went and met you and the staff and had a great time. We bought to shirts and two wrist bands. One week later my wife found the lump in her breast. I believe your benefit made her do a self check of her breasts. She had the lump and limp nodes removed and had the chemo therapy and radiation. I started wearing the "Boobs Rock" wristband the day she was diagnosed all the time in support for my wife. The omen of all of this is the very last day my wife had her radiation and was done with treatment I was takeing my wristband off to go to bed and broke!!!!!! You and your crew I believe are responsible for finding the cancer and her beating it. Thank you for your support of breast cancer, God Bless you all!!!!!

- David & Kathy